March 29, 2017

So I forgot to post Wednesday....I had the time but i forgot. I've been waiting for feedback, but I was told I have to wait till Derek comes back so I have to wait until tomorrow to get feedback on the social media posts. Rob didn't have anything to give me, so me being the awesome intern I am, went around and asked everyone if they needed help. Only Chrissy need help. I spent most of my day following different companies on twitter for one of our clients. I listened to the whole Hamilton soundtrack twice today. I also think that's an accomplishment all in it's self. Today was very slow moving, but I figured some days would be. 

(I drank zero water and coffee)


March 30, 2017

Ugh traffic was brutal. I left at 7:30 am to get here (USUALLY I get here at like 7:50-8:00am) I got here at 9:00 am?!!?! 222 and 422 was backed up like no other. I may or may not have sang Hamilton in my car at the top of my lungs with the windows down because we were in stopped traffic.

DEREK IS BACK! Which is awesome because now I have someone in office to talk to. He left for lunch tho.... I haven't gotten to talk to him about the project yet. Hopefully we can today. I've been working on different things today for kind of myself. I've been thinking about my project (still zero ideas) and I worked on some stuff for the COC because Rob said I could. It's around 1:00 pm as I type this and I'm on my break but I think I'm gonna walk around and see if anyone needs any help today. I'm not bored, I just don't like sitting here without internship work, I also don't have the wifi password so I can't download the fonts I need for my COC job. Side note I think Chrissy really likes me which is awesome because she is hilarious!