March 27, 2017

Due to the meeting on Friday today was mainly spent on reworking and some what redoing parts of the posts I've been working on. We have set color palette so I had to change everything to that according to which group they were part of. #lifeofadesigner Just kidding, but seriously though it was fine and I had to finish everything by three. I had Rob look at some of the things I corrected and redid and he liked where I was going and gave a few pointers on where my type should go and what phrases should be together while other words and phrases should be split or put in different areas. I feel like I'm learning different ways to set type because different designers have different options about where I should put things but they also have similar tastes. 

Cup of Coffee: 1/2 (I made one it tasted terrible. I couldn't finish it.)

Water Bottle Refill: 0 (I did drink a whole bottle....i just didn't feel like getting up so I only had one the whole day.) 



March 24, 2017

Finished cleaning up social media posts. 

Went to Mission BBQ with the guys. 

Had a meeting, we talked about the posts I created. I am basically helping create the social brand for the clients. In the words of Don "No Pressure Though.". This is going to be a great portfolio piece and I'm learning a lot about social presence, typographic setting, and impact of words and pictures. This is really interesting to me and I really hope it turns out great.

(Today is Designathon!)

Cups of Coffee: 0 this is weird for me

Water Bottle Refills: 2 I'm never reaching my goal for the day! crap.