March 31, 2017

Early April Fools. There is no entry today because I don't remember what I did. Joke is on me. 


April 3, 2017

Rob had given me something to work on, on Friday. For the most part I finished it. I just need Rob to look over it and tell me what I had to change, because there is always room to improve. I got those edits back and fixed them. He had me stamp the printed out versions of the panels I made. So now we wait. I've been working on editing a video in premiere pro, Shane who works mainly in premiere and after effects has been giving me pointers and teaching me things. It's awesome I didn't even have to take motion graphics to learn. (For those who don't know Motion Graphics is a class Kutztown offers to learn After Effects usually taught by the awesome Professor Miller. But I didn't have space last semester and this semester it was offered during my internship, so C'est la vie.) It's awesome I have a chance to learn from someone while on internship and see it applied to his everyday work. 

Cups of Coffee: 1

Water Bottle Refills: 2


April 4, 2017

I sat with Shane today for like 30 min. and he gave me a intro to After Effects. I learned so much just in the 30 min. He is seriously one of the coolest people, he finds time during the day to help me out. Rob was in late due to personal reasons so I went around and asked everyone if they needed help but right now is a slow time because they just finished a bunch of projects so no one really needed help. I talk to public relations department and they told me the job that I was working on yesterday was reviewed and on Rob's desk. I got the revisions and I changed everything accordingly. We are sending it to the client today to show them how it looks and if they want changes. After all that I had Shane look over the video I am working on. I will post the video to my blog once I submit it to a contest. I'm still like in between what I want to do for my internship project. I think I might contact my professor and run some ideas by her. 

Cups of Coffee: 2

Water Bottle Refills: 4





March 28, 2017

Today is pretty slow. I fixed some of the things from yesterday. I had to go get food today for lunch because I forgot food as per usual. Before I left Rob came in and looked over everything and told me to fix 3 pieces and then we would send it to Derek and Don. So right now I am just waiting for direction but Rob had to leave so now I'm just here thinking what to do for my project and I have no idea what to do. Hopefully I figure it out.

Cups of Coffee: Twoish? (I say two because I had starbucks mocha thing and that is seriously two cups worth)

Water Bottle Refills: 2 (better then yesterday!)



March 27, 2017

Due to the meeting on Friday today was mainly spent on reworking and some what redoing parts of the posts I've been working on. We have set color palette so I had to change everything to that according to which group they were part of. #lifeofadesigner Just kidding, but seriously though it was fine and I had to finish everything by three. I had Rob look at some of the things I corrected and redid and he liked where I was going and gave a few pointers on where my type should go and what phrases should be together while other words and phrases should be split or put in different areas. I feel like I'm learning different ways to set type because different designers have different options about where I should put things but they also have similar tastes. 

Cup of Coffee: 1/2 (I made one it tasted terrible. I couldn't finish it.)

Water Bottle Refill: 0 (I did drink a whole bottle....i just didn't feel like getting up so I only had one the whole day.) 



March 24, 2017

Finished cleaning up social media posts. 

Went to Mission BBQ with the guys. 

Had a meeting, we talked about the posts I created. I am basically helping create the social brand for the clients. In the words of Don "No Pressure Though.". This is going to be a great portfolio piece and I'm learning a lot about social presence, typographic setting, and impact of words and pictures. This is really interesting to me and I really hope it turns out great.

(Today is Designathon!)

Cups of Coffee: 0 this is weird for me

Water Bottle Refills: 2 I'm never reaching my goal for the day! crap. 


So I didn't realize that on squarespace you can't set the date. So I will have to start posting every day due to that reason. C'est la vie. So for this week all of the week will be in one post sadly, next week I will do better. (or so I will tell myself.)


March 20, 2017

Around 9:00 am sat in a meeting with the team. We went over what's been done and what is due for the agency for the week and future months. 

Got work around 10:00 am. I will be working on social media posts for one of TAG's clients. 

I am in the office of the director of digital strategies (Derek). He has really good taste in music. I listen to my own but sometimes when there is a song I like I take my headphones out cause he listens to boppin music,  but its also pretty mellow. It's a nice work environment. 

I made a bunch of the social media pieces they asked for. I have to meet with Rob to talk about the direction they are going in so that his pieces and mine match for the brand that the client wants. 

I forgot my lunch today. So I went to a place near by to grab food and they mistakenly gave me extra food. I ordered 1 sandwich, panini if you will, and I got a second. Thanks Sean (that's whose sandwich I got). 

I think I'm getting a cold.....I hope its allergies but it might be more. 

Coffee Count: 1*

Water Bottle Refills: 3

* I spilled my coffee on myself....and I got part of my lunch on my shirt. Please never take me anywhere in public that involves liquids or sauces. 

Today was a really good first day. Everyone is super nice and I like the work I'm doing. 


March 21, 2017

 Today I had to go in later then usual I had to get an MRI, which they were cool with it. 

Got here around 10:00 am-ish and started working on the pieces again working on revisions and talking with Rob. 

They took me out for lunch which was so cool. I got to hang with the guys and got to know some of them better and talk with them about TAG. 

I came back and worked on the post some more. 

All in all a really good day.

Coffee Count: 2

Water Bottle Refills: 4


March 22, 2017

It's official I defiantly have a cold. 

I got revisions on my posts at 9:00 am. 

I've been working on them for most of the day. Listening to K-POP and doing typography work. Is this real life? Is this how I'm going to spend my days in the future, because I can really get used to this honestly. This is basically the goals I have and I can't wait to actually be in an ad agency working for them day in and day out. 

Derek is nervous about my sickness. I'm not going to come in tomorrow because I really don't want anyone to get sick. 

I got revisions on my posts at 3:00 pm, I fixed some of them but I have such a head cold that I need to leave and sleep over this sickness. 


March 23, 2017

So sick. Didn't go in today. Rob said it was fine. (Got meds and sleep the two things I've been needing)