May 4, 2017

I mainly worked on projects that needed to be finished up. I really enjoy being in the office with Don and Shane they are super nice and we have good chats about design and life. It's kind of slow because I can't really be given big projects because my last day is tomorrow, but I'm fixing documents and helping set up layouts which is fun. 


May 5, 2017

Today is my last day. I've had such a great experience here I honestly wish I could work here. This has given me such hope for my future as a designer. I really look forward to having a job in advertising in the future. I am going to miss everyone in the office! I went out to lunch with the girls of the office to celebrate Cinco De Mayo, we went to Sofritos. It was cool to talk with them outside the office. They got me ice cream cake!!! I was so happy because ice cream cake is my favorite! I gave them cookies (i forgot to take a pic tho) I made cool packaging (lowkey a throwback to other Sara lol) but mine was just orange circles with thank you on it I also got James cookies without gluten and lactose (he has a specific diet so I was helping a brother out). It was a slow day with work stuff but otherwise it was an awesome close to an awesome internship. Thanks Kresge. 

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