April 27, 2017

Today I spent a chunk of my time working on looking up photos, its shockingly difficult to find good photos that show a lot of floor. I also have been working on social posts for Don. I need to revamp the style and possibly try crazy things that might just work



April 28, 2017

Today was so weird. It was a normal day but it was fast and slow at the same time. I also didn't do a lot today. I asked Chrissy if she needed help and I did a little bit of that but she wasn't here so it was over email and it was slightly confusing but we worked it out and got things done. I went out to lunch with the guys which was fun because we went to this place where they give you ridiculously large sandwiches (that i proceeded to leave on the counter at home....yeah it went bad...I'm pretty upset about it) I digress! After that I spent the day trying to close some jobs and working on the exercise Don gave me.



May 1, 2017

Today was my comp day for working over the weekend two weeks ago.



May 2, 2017

I was moved today! It's kind of nice because now my desk fits my tall stature. Plus this chair is so comfy I wish they would let me have the chair because its become my favorite thing to sit in. So I'm over with Shane, Don, and Jim which is nice because Derek's wife is having(had?) a child and he won't be in until I leave. So I had to say bye to him last Wednesday, but now I am not in an office by myself which is nice. I talked to Don about the social posts and we will probably talk to Jeff tomorrow about them. At the end of the day I helped Shane with setting up some photography equipment.