*loosens tie* Seriously I'm trying to post everyday....sometimes I'm super busy....other times I just forget *nervous laugh*


without further ado 


April 5, 2017

Today I worked on the video I’ve been editing for a competition. I also made some stickers for a company. They came back and picked the white ones I made. So now I have to make sheets of stickers for them. I talked to Shane for a bit about different premiere pro skills. I really enjoy talking to Shane because he really enjoys the work he does and he is so knowledgeable about it all. I’m always worried about asking dumb questions and he always tells me that’s a good question and knows the answer. That is goals I have for myself, to be able to have someone ask me questions about software and be able to answer within five seconds without being on the software.

Cups of Coffee: 2

Water Bottle Refills: 4



April 6, 2017

Today was terrible. Nothing particularly bad happened at internship it was just a bad day if that makes sense. Some outside stuff was really bugging me and made me very worrisome but when I had work to do it wasn’t on my mind which was good. I really enjoy just throwing myself into work because it distracts me from what bothers me. Today I worked on some panels for out client. We are making a trifold board for them with their information and I get to help design the style of the panels. I think it’s cool they are letting me help make a style that will kind of be the style for a while for the brand. I got to sit in a meeting with Shane, Jeff, and Rich. Yesterday Rich asked me to come up with music for a how to video. I got a couple songs but they didn’t quite fit, so I went back and found more music to try. Hopefully one of the five songs I found fits.

Cups of Coffee: 1

Water Bottle Refills: 1 (but I had Gatorade so like electrolytes?)




April 7, 2017

I’ve been working on the panels first thing this morning. We also got revisions on the stickers. So I’ve been changing all of those. Shane and James pulled me into a meeting about the how to videos. I am doing After Effects things to the video. I’m so hyped! Not only do I get to use things I learned in school but I also get to use software that I taught myself! Shane is pretty happy with my knowledge of the programs and I didn’t even take motion graphics.

Cups of Coffee: 1

Water Bottle Refills: 4