so yeah, I've been really slacking, but that video last week got me super busy last week. I have zero excuses for Monday and Tuesday tho....


April 19

Using that system I talked about a couple of week ago I fixed some posts for facebook for a client. I also started to redesign an instruction book for a client so that it has better flow. It was lowkey really difficult at first. I had zero assets. But you’re probably thinking Sarah just put the pdf in illustrator! Those layers! But you would be wrong. I could into illustrator but everything was one page. So I kind of had to Frankenstein the whole document, but it’s fine cause now it looks amazing. I later in the day met with Derek and Rich to talk about an ad I will be working on tomorrow while I wait for voiceovers. Rich is hilarious and those two together are really funny. The rest of the day I talked with Shane and started putting FPO versions of videos and pictures into Premiere.



April 20

Today I was waiting on voiceovers. They were supposed to come over at 11am but they came over at 1pm. For the morning I worked on an ad for Derek, it was for a program TAG created which is really cool. For the most part Derek gave me direction on how to design it but I got to work the color palette how I wanted and I made some design decisions that he agreed with. #AmIDoingThisRight?

The voice over came over after lunch I spent the rest of the day putting the voiceover in and fixing the wholes that were left in the videos. I had to find more pictures and videos as well.

ALSO KRESGE CAME TO VISIT. Which was pretty exciting. We talked about internship and life. I think it was a really good talk. She gave me some insight on some things I’ve been over thinking. She doesn’t know me that well so I feel like the advice was unbiased which is what I needed.



April 21

Today was straight up just video editing I had to get basically everything edited so the client could see what it would eventually look like, and Derek gave me icons to work with to animate in. They moved me to a different computer which was amazing because this one freezes like no other and I think this chair is giving me back problems, I kind of want to ask if I can change chairs but like I’m nervous to ask because that’s who I am. (like im basically done with internship (I think I have two more weeks) sooooo to ask or not to ask that is the real question).

The video is coming along nicely. I am going to have to finish over the weekend.



April 24

So apparently the video I worked on is being shown to Disney. #nopressure. That is awesome and yet nerve racking. But during the Monday meeting it was shown to everyone and they all seemed to like it. Of course I was red in the face because everyone clapped for me, don’t get me wrong I like getting credit as much as the next person but at the same time I get embarrassed. I’m better when its me and someone else getting credit I can share the embarrassment. It was really awesome of them though to let me have such an important project. Partly due to the fact Shane knows what I’m capable of. Slightly due to the fact no one else had time to, but mainly because he believed in my skills. It was nice because I feel like there are times I don’t believe in my skills, so to have someone from the industry believe in me is really great. I think was either him or Kevin who said “Sorry, to tell you but you have a future in this industry!” jokingly obviously but it was just really nice to hear. Derek had me fix a proposal sheet so it said the right things and there weren’t odd graphics behind the words. He also had me start working on email templates, which was really interesting because it was kind of like wire framing, which I think, is fun. I also was working of fixing things for social media posts Rob and I have been working for the last month.



April 26, 2017

I finished the email templates and Derek was down with most of my style choices. We also decided on a way to set up the one to match the wire-framed site. I talked with Rob about the social media posts that hopefully can go up tomorrow. I also I talked with Don and he gave me a job to kind of lowkey revamp social media posts. So not change entirely but to give it a little something extra. (As I typed that I played the scene from the new Beauty and the Beast where Lafou is talking to Gaston and Gaston is like OMG I love belle she is like no other and lafou goes she has a sense of je ne sais quoi and gaston is like….i don’t what that is. And I was like give a little je ne sais quoi…..i digress) So that is what I will be doing for the rest of the week I think.



April 27, 2017

So today is lowkey a mess to me. I’m super tired after having 10 hours of sleep (who is tired after having 10 hours?? Why am I like this) but that isn’t the main reason it is a mess. So I created thumbnails for Don, guess who isn’t here….Don. C’est la vie. I put all the photos up for the social media posts so it should be done forever now…well until the client needs more but I probably won’t be here for that. But they have to go off the style I created which is awesome. Jeff lefts me edits on the instructions booklet for a client so I fixed those. I mainly worked on stuff for Don and like I kind of messed up but not terribly so it’s okay. I did more then I was suppose to, so did I really mess up? We talked and I figured out what my direction is now. I also had a meeting with Derek, Rob, and Kevin. I need to search for photos for a display for a trade show. The design is really cool so I just have to find photos equally as cool.