I've seriously given up on everyday posting. I just don't have the time so from here on unless I'm not busy I will be posting days together because...its who I am. 


April 17, 2017

Today was slightly eventful. I worked on a bunch of different projects. First off I created a pamphlet which was pretty exciting because I haven't created one since high school. I then went on to help Rob with different web pieces, we had to fit different pictures into different sizes and sometimes it worked....other times, lets just say it wasn't pretty. We had to work around that which was challenging but good. I also made a bunch of clipping masks for the one client's photos. That took up a lot of my day. I talked with Shane and he is thinking about giving me a project tomorrow....I'm excited and the same time. 


April 18, 2017

Today was slow and fast at the same time I started out the morning working on the web pieces from yesterday. Rob asked me to finish up the ones he was working so I did that. Then a good part of the day talking to Shane about the video he wanted me to work on. Then while I waited for the files I went to Chrissy and helped her schedule facebook posts. I learned NUVI which was interesting and I think a good resource. I started the video for Shane. I also had to redo a part of one of the videos in After Effects I helped on. I made it too slow and he wanted the animation to be a bit faster which was no problem. I continued on working on the video and I finished what I could and I finished making the schedule for the post for Chrissy. All in all I think it was a good day, I'm tired and have to go home and work on my Independent Study but today was good.