April 10, 2017

First of all I want you all to know that I almost put Friday as the day and March as the month....yep that's a normal Monday for ya. So here we go. First of this morning started off pretty interesting came to internship wearing the shirt I slept in because hey it's a classy shirt and I'm a classy lady. (I hope the people at my internship don't read my blog #embarrassedbutnotembarrassed) I really just imagine me walking through the office in this shirt and them totally Game of Throne-ing it, and yelling shame as I walk downstairs to get my morning coffee, which for some reason I waited until 11:30 to get. But before 11:30, I worked on panels for the one client's trifold board. I fixed them all and later today I will be a mini-mock if you will (for those who don't understand miniature mock-up) of it to show Rob and then Diane. I also was given the task of changing things for a sign for the agency. So I finished all of those and now we wait for Rob to come back. Hopefully before 3:15 because I have a doc appointment at 4, which will hopefully let me return to full duty at my job. (I'll keep you all updated on the doc appoint and if I get more work, if I don't get more work I will be attempting to work on my internship project) -end at 1:18-